The Minister Brunet in conflict with Monchéry for a mysterious affair of Visas

Nothing go well between Jean Marie Reynaldo Brunet the Minister of the Interior and Territorial Communities and its Director General Fednel Monchéry. The cause, a request for Dominican Visas to the Dominican Ambassador accredited in Haiti, Alberto Despradel Cabral, for the benefit of 27 Special Agents of the National Intelligence Service that would have been executed by Monchéry beyond his attributions, without the knowledge Minister and the Government.
In a letter addressed to Monchéry, from which we obtained a copy, Minister Brunet castigates and calls to order his Director General :
Letter from Minister Brunet :
No. …BM/JMRB/mgl/0631/Ex :18-19
Mr. Director General,

I have been given the opportunity to note that you have taken the responsibility of affixing your signature to a letter addressed to His Excellency Mr. Alberto Despradel CABRA, Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to Haiti on a visa application for the benefit of twenty seven (27) Special Agent of the National Intelligence Service (SIN) without my knowledge, that of the Government and the President of the Republic.
To this end, I hereby request that you immediately postpone this step and I would like to remind you that only the Minister of the Interior and Territorial Communities has the full legal responsibility to commit the Ministry to such purposes.
Due to the non respect of the standards and basic principles of the Haitian public administration in addition to the cascade scandals that have already occurred, I recommend you an umpteenth time to apply, in your acts and decisions, the laws governing the operation of the Haitian State. […]
Jean-Marie Reynaldo BRUNET
Following these allegations, Fednel Monchéry denied the words of Brunet who accuses him of having acted without his knowledge and invites the Minister to be well informed before making accusations on such sensitive subjects. In addition, Monchéry claims that he did not officially receive the letter from Minister Brunet, who accuses him of violating the administrative code on confidentiality and the right of reserve that all public officials are bound to respect.
Source:  HaitiLibre