Haiti – Justice : Black market, illegal speculation, up to 100 thousand gourdes fine

In a note dated Tuesday, Me Paul Eronce Villard, Commissioner of the Government Near the Court of First Instance of Port-au-Prince wishes to remind the whole population in general, the leaders of the oil companies in particular that the black market or unlawful speculation is prohibited.
According to Article 1 of the law of 20 December 1946 on the black market or unlawful speculation, Le Moniteur January 2, 1947, is considered unlawful speculation any fact of acquisition, sale, transfer, exchange of goods over – above the price fixed by the authorities concerned as well as any stowage or refusal of sale outside the forms prescribed by the legal provisions.
Anyone guilty of this offense is liable to imprisonment ranging from six months to three (3) years and a fine of 500 to 100 thousand gourdes.
The Port-au-Prince Public Prosecutor’s Office has already issued formal instructions to the police authorities for the purpose of arresting all offenders, drafting appropriate reports and referring them to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in accordance with this provision while waiting for the normal supply of gas stations.
HL/ HaitiLibre