Missed attempt, 76 deputies vote in favor of the PM !

Yesterday Tuesday, for the umpteenth time, opposition Deputies ransacked the Chamber of Deputies to prevent the holding of the presentation session of the statement of general policy Prime Minister named Fritz William Michel https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-28652-haiti-flash-pm-named-fritz-william-michel-expected-at-the-chamber-of-deputies.html which was scheduled at 11 am.
The four ransacking deputies are : Déus Deroneth (Marigot – PONT), Joseph Manès Louis (Cabaret – Fanmi lavalas), Renald Exantus (L’Estère), Jean Robert Bossé (Aquin – Organization of the people in struggle – OPL), in their forfeit they knocked down chairs, desks and other furniture in the meeting room, pouring a thick liquid into the seat reserved for the chairman of the meeting, Gary Bodeau.
According to Jean Robert Bossé ransacked the furniture of the House was the last string they had to bow to resist the arrogance of Gary Bodeau, President of the Lower House which they think is at its head.
Recall that the last time they are the senators of the radical opposition Evalière Beauplan (PONT); Antonio Cheramy aka “Don Kato” (VERITE), Ricard Pierre (Piti Dessalin) and Nenel Cassy (Famni Lavalas), who had ransacked the Senate to prevent the ratification of the appointed Prime Minister, Jean Michel Lapin… https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-28377-haiti-politic-assessment-of-the-ransacking-of-the-senate-more-than-6m-gourdes-4-unpunished-senators.html
Ratification Session
However at the end of the day, the Chamber of Deputies was made functional again for the presentation of the general policy of the Prime Minister named Fritz William Michel, accompanied by members of the ministerial cabinet https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-28619-haiti-flash-reshuffle-of-cabinet-michel-5-new-ministers.html . The roll call was attended by 81 members, the quorum being noted, the session was opened. The session was held almost in the absence of opposition members.
76 deputies voted for Prime Minister Michel’s policy, 3 abstained, and 0 against.
Thursday the Prime Minister is invited with his cabinet to the Senate of the Republic for the presentation of the statement of hie general policy.
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