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ONA revises upward loan rates

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“The General Directorate of the National Office of Old-Age Insurance (ONA) informs all those interested in the matter, that in order to make grow the assets of the contributors of the Office, to respond the current realities of the financial market and the rate of inflation as from 1 November 2019, it is obliged to revise the rates of loans granted as part of commercial investment exceeding the threshold of “fifty million (50,000,000.00) Gourdes”, rom a rate of 16 to 20% and mature investments at a rate of 10 to 15%.
As a result, the parties concerned are asked to contact the relevant structures of the Office as soon as this notice is published for the necessary administrative consequences, each as far as it is concerned.
NOTE : Loans to the agribusiness sector are not affected by this.
Chesnel Pierre, av.
Director General”

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