First Lady to build Multipurpose Parks in Regions 3 & 4

First Lady Arya Ali, Minster Nigel Dharamlall, students of the Diamond Secondary School and residents of neighbouring communities at the launch of the project.

The park at Diamond/Grove will also have a food court and outdoor gym.

According to Mrs Ali, the multipurpose building will be designed to accommodate the needs of residents of those communities including children, women, the elderly and persons living with disabilities.

“The building will have a library and computer centre to cater to the needs of students, and there will also be several rooms which can be used for skills training. So, things like cake decorating, floral decoration, [and] cooking classes can be done there to upskill you the residents,” she shared.

While the projects are being undertaken by the Office of the First Lady, the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development will be the executing agency.

First Lady Arya Ali (centre), Minster Nigel Dharamlall (left) and other officials are joined by residents of Tuschen and neighbouring communities at the launch of the project.

Minister Dharamlall, during the unveiling, noted that the creation of the parks is part of Government’s broader vision of developing and strengthening village economies.

He highlighted that through the development of these parks, not only will residents be provided with a safe recreational space, but they will also be able to earn from it.

“So, you have heard that we are making provisions for skills training to be done at these facilities. That, along with the fact that persons will be employed to maintain the park, while another set will be able to sell food and beverages shows clearly that we are making investments to improve the lives and livelihoods of people,” he said.

Minister Dharamlall also pointed out the importance of residents understanding their responsibilities to their communities and playing their part in ensuring that it is developed in a sustainable way.

Residents of the communities benefitting from the development of these parks expressed profound gratitude to the officials for the intervention and pledged their support for the projects.

The two parks are expected to be completed before the end of the year.