CANTO commends President Ali for removal of all taxes on mobile phones

removed all duties and taxes on mobile phones.

This announcement was made at a public meeting held in New Amsterdam in the county of Berbice on the 9th of June, 2023.

The President reiterated his Government’s commitment to bridging the digital divide and said that as President he had already removed the value added taxes from data and mobile devices but has now gone further to remove the duties on the devices.

He said that people are doing degrees on phones and conducting business and Government wanted to show its support.

As President, Ali, within a few months of taking the reins of Government, liberalized the telecommunications sector in Guyana, ushering a new fully competitive era with the telecommunications sector.

The decision to eliminate taxes on mobile phone comes as part of the Government’s commitment to the further promotion of digital inclusion, and the empowerment of citizens with improved access to communication technologies.

A removal of these taxes emphasizes the Government’s aim to stimulate the growth of the telecommunications sector and facilitate greater connectivity among Guyanese citizens.

CANTO (the Caribbean Association of National Telecommunications Operators) has worked closely with the Prime Minister of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana to advance the progress of various projects. The most recent being the launch of the procurement E-platform, that has been endorsed by CANTO’s members in Guyana, Digicel, E-Net and GTT Inc.