‘Grass’ fires on the increase – Fire Chief

The Guyana Fire Service has been receiving an increase in reports of brush fires, which according to Fire Chief (ag) Gregory Wickham is due to the ongoing dry season.

And while these incidents are being managed, Wickham is calling on members of the public to remain alert.

“…The El Nino period is upon us…So over this period, it is expected that there will be a rise in those numbers as it relates to grass fires. We have been receiving more calls of these types of fires,” Wickham told the News Room during a recent interview.

But aside from this, Wickham said persons who use burning as a means to get rid of garbage also need to exercise caution, because it can get out of control.

As such, the GFS has been issuing constant advisories outlining what action can be taken should there be a brush fire.

“…They should avoid dropping lighted cigarette butts, particularly when they are in the backlands. Persons using machines going into the farmlands to do their cultivation; they shouldn’t have their engine running when there is dry vegetation. If they are going to be using burning as a means to get rid of their waste, then they must have what we call trenching or dam, where some distance ahead of what they want to burn, they would have to dig trenches so that the fire would not be able to escape or get beyond a particular point,” Wickham explained.

He added, “We also advise them to ensure that they maintain their drains and the canals that maybe within the vicinity so that they will have enough water just in case the fire service may need to come to render some assistance.