27 measures implemented to improve teachers’ lives

Correta McDonald, the teachers plan to take industrial action from Monday over their disappointment about talks on salary increases and other issues.

But Hussain, in a letter, noted that negotiations are still ongoing with the GTU and since then, over 20 changes were implemented by the Ministry for the benefit of teachers.

They include:

  1. The removal of the Child Development Index Card (CDIC) as a required school document.
  2. The removal of the General Scheme of Work as a curriculum document.
  3. The weekly preparation of lesson plans rather than daily.
  4. All trained teachers being eligible to be a Senior Assistant Master/Mistress after 6 years rather than 7.
  5. 50 duty free teachers per year PLUS the granting of a duty-free concession to all senior teachers who have 3 years left to serve and have not received a concession previously.
  6. All teachers being provided termly with grants to purchase teaching materials.
  7. All CPCE pre-service trainees being paid $90 000 rather than a $10 000 stipend per month except a trainee teacher refuses same.
  8. The Ministry of Education requested the Teaching Service Commission and the School Board Secretariat to do 2 senior promotion cycles per year so that more teachers can be promoted and earn a higher salary.
  9. A general waiver letter to allow teachers to travel abroad without collateral.
  10. The issuance of one waiver letter to cover the teacher’s contracted period.
  11. The holders of the Technical Teachers’ Certificate as being appointed as Assistant Master/Mistress.
  12. The creation of more senior vacancies in nursery, primary and secondary schools.
  13. The reduction in teaching periods for secondary teachers.
  14. The assignment of an assistant teacher to senior teachers in primary and nursery schools.
  15. The appointment of floating teachers to schools to reduce the workload and substitute for teachers who are absent.
  16. The implementation of the EMIS system which will eliminate most aspects of manual record keeping.
  17. An Open Day policy which is held centrally and regionally to address teachers’ concerns.
  18. The appointment and upgrade of all teachers who attended UG without official release and permission before, during and after the COVID – 19 pandemic.
  19. A reduction in the number of teaching practice for CPCE teachers.
  20. The institution of a digitalized senior promotion process.
  21. A simplification in the Teacher Upgrade Process after improved qualifications.
  22. The substitution of the head teachers’ monthly report with a reduced digital version.
  23. A waiver for the issuance of the permanent trained teachers’ certificate.
  24. The placement of guidance and counselling officers in secondary schools to assist with the disruptive behaviour of students.
  25. The continuous placement of a data entry clerks in each school to assist with digital record keeping.
  26. The removal of the quota system to attend UG.
  27. The introduction of a Teacher Support Unit within the Ministry of Education.