‘He lived life, he loved bikes’ – Sister says Trim survived recent accident with injuries

an accident Sunday night was recently injured in a mishap of a similar nature.

So when his family learned about this misfortune, his sister Tekesha Trim told the News Room on Monday that she didn’t imagine the worst case scenario – an untimely death.

The family assumed Trim was merely injured again and was hoping that he would take this experience as a lesson.

But their worse fears were confirmed when doctors couldn’t find a pulse for Domall who was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

“I prayed for it to be just an injury and he could learn from this but when I got there it was different.

Domall Trim

“The doctor told me that he was putting up a resistance… They said he wasn’t quite well taking the medication so they sedated him,” Tekesha told the News Room in an interview on Monday.

The accident occurred around 21:35hrs on the McDoom Public Road, East Bank Demerara.

Police Headquarters said preliminary investigation revealed that motor lorry, GAE 2805 was heading east on the public road when Domal collided with its rear. The driver was being directed by a traffic rank on duty.

As the driver was crossing the road, Police said Domall and his friends rode past a line of waiting vehicles.

Domall died while receiving medical attention at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Domall Trim loved bikes.

Upon learning of the accident, Tekesha said she rushed to the hospital. There, Domall tried to relate to her what happened.

“In the process of telling me about his injuries, they just called for a crash cart and they said they couldn’t find a pulse. So they started to work on him more.

“I couldn’t speak to him. He was on oxygen. He was strapped down. He couldn’t say anything. He was dying,” the distraught sister said.

According to Tekesha, Domall and his friends, a group of bikers, were returning to Georgetown after liming on the West Coast of Demerara.

“He was on the west side and he was coming back to Georgetown with a few friends. I don’t know if they were cruising if they were speeding or what,” she said.

The police claimed that the bikers were speeding.

The motorcycle Domall Trim was riding when the accident occurred (Photo: News Room)

Tekesha told the News Room that recently, Domall was involved in a motorcycle accident.

“He got some minor bruises. So when I heard about this accident I didn’t think worst case scenario. I just thought it was something of similar nature,” she related.

Domall death has left his entire family and his friends, who are mostly from the biking community, distraught.

Tekesha said she is trying to stay strong knowing that her brother “lived life”.

“He lived life. He loved bikes. That was really his thing. I am trying to be strong right now. It’s cruel what happened but I could say my brother enjoyed life”

The accident occurred on the McDoom Public Road, East Bank Demerara (Photo: News Room/March 11, 2024)

“Everybody is distraught, broken down. It wasn’t something that was expected,” Tekesha said.

Domall was a businessman. He would have celebrated his 27th birthday in a few days.

“He was my little brother…Domall was my right, left hand, my go to person. We shared this type of relationship nobody could come between,” Tekesha said.

The 24-year-old driver of the lorry, Nickell Higgins of Sparendaam Housing Scheme, ECD is currently in custody assisting with the investigation.