Joint Services intensify search for escapee, prison officers questioned

the brutal murders of David Gomes and his 75-year-old mother Elizabeth Gomes continues, a team of “highly” trained ranks from the Joint Services are deployed to Saxacalli Village, Essequibo River in pursuit of the suspect,prison escapee Akeem Wong.

“A team of highly trained Joint Services ranks was deployed to Saxacalli to conduct investigations into the tragic deaths.

“The team is also currently combing the location in pursuit of the suspect,” Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum told the News Room during a telephone interview on Tuesday.

It is believed that Wong is hiding out in the area, which consists of multiple trails.

David Gomes and his mother, Elizabeth Gomes

Wong escaped from the Mazaruni Prison in Region Seven, on February 14. He was serving a 15-year-sentence for rape.

Sources told the News Room that since the murders, two prison officers attached to the Mazaruni Prison were detained for questioning in relation to Wong’s escape.

David and his mother were brutally chopped to death between 17:00 hrs and 20:00 hrs on March 08.

At the time, the mother and son were visiting their vacation home in Saxacalli home.

They were accompanied by David’s six-year-old son who witnessed the heinous crime.

During a recent interview Elizabeth’s brother, Paul Husbands told reporters that the family remains puzzled for answers.

“All I hear is that they get chop up.

“I hear from an ex sister-in-law. She called me and say ‘Carl wah happen here man. How I hear Granny Liz (Elizabeth) and David Gomes get chop up. Chop to death’. I say wah is this now. I can’t really understand what going on,” Husbands related.

Police Headquarters reported that Wong visited the house and asked for something to eat. Whilst there, he imbibed with David and spent some time. Wong then armed himself with a cutlass and chopped David several times about his body.

Elizabeth who rushed to David’s rescue was also severely chopped.

Following the ordeal, the child related that he took his father’s phone and sent a voice note to one of his father’s friends.