‘Guyana is attracting attention’ as fmr. U.S. President Bill Clinton set for two-day visit

Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to Guyana, Ernesto Torres-Pereyra at the press briefing (Photo: News Room/March 23, 2024)

“You have the possibility here in Guyana of serving the entire world in terms of building a society with sound values, with solid institutions, promoting transparency and you have all the conditions now with this bounty that nature has offered you both with what you had now and with hydrocarbons to really show the world how an experiment can be successful,” Ambassador Torres- Pereyra said.

He added, “that shows Guyana is the force of the international community for good reasons.”

He said discussions at the forum will centre on the Caribbean working on development in key areas such as food security and energy.

“They are going to discuss that notion of how strong we could be as a region if we unite our efforts [for] development…to ensure our security in many keys areas such as energy, food and also to bring all the private sector of all the countries together to continue enhancing their capability and capacity,” Ambassador Torres-Pereyra said.

At the forefront of talks also will be investment opportunities, particularly among the private sectors of the two countries.

“I think that with the type of collaboration that both countries can achieve because of the experience that we have in certain area. It sends the message that for good reasons Guyana is attracting attention.

“President Ali has been very welcoming of the importance of offering people of the Caribbean to set up new strategies, to bring the Caribbean together and to show the world that with that determination they can continue to promote the idea that the Caribbean is a region of potion, a region of peace which are elements which are keys to attract foreign investment,” the Ambassador noted.

Importantly, with the leadership in place, the Ambassador highlighted that President Ali has been preparing the country to embrace the economic transformation and to face the eminent challenges that comes with the process.

“A forum like this one will enhance that vision…We are using the experience…to showcase alternatives for this country…not just for Guyana. What is happening here will impact the whole world. You have a very unique society…yet you are leading in an atmosphere of peace,” Ambassador Torres-Pereyra noted.