Jamaican-Born Branding Expert, Simon “Skygrass” Bowden, Makes Ads People Remember and Markets Have Noticed

Simon “Skygrass” Bowden, who was born in Kingston, Jamaica, became the most sought-after creative director and brand consultant in the Caribbean, and he is now bringing his talents to market accounts in the United States, England, and Canada.

Exceedingly successful ad campaigns

Bowden is behind some of the most successful advertising campaigns, including those for the Olympics, Coca-Cola, Appleton Estate Rum, Nissan, Margaritaville, and Red Stripe. His work is linked to massive growth in brand awareness. He noted that he enjoys working with brands that are pioneers, such as Red Stripe, adding that the company was an early sponsor and producer of music videos. He described the firm as “forward-thinking, willing to be first, and true to their roots of Jamaica.”

Bowden’s guiding principle

Acknowledging that modern audiences have 3-second attention spans, Bowden understands that marketing efforts on television, social media, or radio only have positive impacts if viewers and listeners remember them. He notes that it is not necessary to chase after viral messages if the product is something people actually like. His experience in the music industry as a recording artist and producer puts him in an advantageous position to create effective advertising and jingles. He has worked with artists like Beenie Many, Grammy winner Kabaka Pyramid, Mr Vegas, and Bugle, and he participated in a recent collaboration with the legendary reggae performer, Black Uhuru’s Mykal Rose on the pending release of

Bowden’s Background

Bowden’s music experience includes a stint as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the Skygrass band. He also organized Cosmic Rotation shows that debuted in 2017 and featured live music, a relaxing atmosphere, and performances by surprise guests. The sixth staging of the event, Cosmic Rotation 10, was sponsored by Appleton Jamaica Rum and supported the Maxfield Park Children’s Home in Kingston. Currently, Bowden is the managing director at Skygrass International Ltd. He graduated from Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts and went on to serve as the creative director for the Main Event Entertainment Group and creative director for Prism Communications Ltd.

Now newly engaged

Bowden began 2024 by proposing marriage to the “love of his life,” recording artist and comedian, Nicole Arbour. The two met when Skygrass was the guitarist on Arbour’s soon-to-be-released single, “This Is It,” in Kingston in 2023. Skygrass filled in when the producer who had been booked could not appear due to a family emergency, and the rest is history. Arbour said the session with Skygrass was “more fun” than she had ever had on a date. They were immediately like “long-lost best friends,” she added. Arbour, who counts more than five million fans online and nearly 2 billion video views, is happy to marry Skygrass, a former high fashion model who plays “Cat Coore” from Third World in the eagerly awaited Bob Marly biopic, “Bob Marley: One Love.” She shared that she and Skygrass also have the same morals and values, pray before meals, and believe in God, love, and community.

Photo – Simon “Skygrass” Bowden