Team CAMS drivers head to Guyana for Circuit Race meet on April 21

As the excitement builds for the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club’s first circuit racing event of the year on April 21,  all eyes are on Afraz Allie, President of Team CAMS – Caribbean American Motor Sports – and his 10-man team, who are gearing up to participate in this thrilling event.

Over the years, Team CAMS has made its mark on the local motorsport scene, consistently showing up in force and adding to the excitement with their on-track battles. While teams typically reserve their full force for the historic November international meet, CAMS is playing the long game this year.

Recognizing the importance of building momentum early in the season, they seize the opportunity to compete in local meets throughout the year, using each event as a stepping stone toward their ultimate goal.

By participating in the April event, Team CAMS aims to prepare better and gauge the competition, laying down a baseline that will serve as a foundation for future upgrades and fine-tuning.

Their recent appearance at the Endurance meet, where drivers like Afraz Allie in the Toyota Starlet, Chris Lall in the Honda Civic, Quin Lall in the Mazda Miata, Mohan Rangasammy in the Mazda RX 7, Neil Persaud in the Honda Civic, Mark Samaroo in the Mazda Miata, Kemal Rahman in the Honda CRX, Sunil Nauth in the Honda Civic, Aaron Bethune in the Honda Civic, and Damian Singh in the Honda Civic showcased their skills and tested their cars on the newly designed track, is a testament to their commitment and dedication to success.

While most of the drivers on Team CAMS boast years of experience and competitiveness, they have often been hindered by the one factor that plagues many in motorsport: time. With limited time to fix and develop their cars throughout the year, they must make the most of every opportunity to fine-tune their machines and sharpen their skills.

Despite the challenges, Team CAMS remains undeterred, with their unwavering commitment and dedication setting the stage for an action-packed race weekend.

As the anticipation builds, fans are encouraged to mark the date on their calendars and come out in full support of their favorite drivers and teams. And while enjoying the thrilling racing action, it’s important to remember to drink responsibly and always have a designated driver.

With Team CAMS leading the charge, the April circuit racing event promises an unforgettable display of speed, skill, and sportsmanship. (GMR&SC)