UFC: Guyana’s Carlston Harris secures unanimous decision victory

Gooden defended it but Harris swung around to the back and Gooden was too slow to stop him. Harris immediately got both hooks in.

Gooden turned into him but Harris rolled to stay in mount. He dropped elbows down on the skull of Jared Gooden, who scrambled to get to the fence. Harris transitioned to the back again but only got one hook in, so they ended up in the clinch.

Again Harris dropped down for a double leg and sat Gooden to his butt against the fence. Jared stood up and escaped momentarily but Harris threw a right hand which rocked him and level changed successfully once more.

Gooden eventually got up again but he appeared tired with one minute left and fell prey to another takedown. The fight ended with Harris still dominant, dropping down elbows on Jared Gooden.

The judges scorecards held no surprises as they unanimously had Carlston Harris the winner, with 30-27 scores. (UFC)

Official Result: Carlston Harris def. Jared Gooden by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)