‘Whatever the message, I didn’t get it’ – Photographer begs Police help after shooting incident

popularly known as ‘Mudwata’, recalled that he was previously threatened by a social media personality against whom he has filed a $100 million lawsuit.

One of the bullet holes on Bruce’s house (Photo: News Room/April 12, 2023)

He awaits the conclusion of a Police investigation but remains puzzled in the absence of conclusive information.

“Whatever the message was, I didn’t get it…so whoever did it, I want to say message me and let me know what I did to you and why you think I deserve bullets for it,” Bruce told the News Room Wednesday morning.

Bruce recalled the moment he saw the gunman via the CCTV camera, pointing the gun at his house and firing the shots.

“I remember freezing for a while and then I realised it is actually happening,” he added.

The Police responded promptly but after an initial statement and a promise to return, Bruce said he is of the belief that investigators are not treating the incident seriously and he is not happy with how the investigation has taken off.

Bruce is begging the Police to ensure a thorough probe is done and the matter is treated with the seriousness it deserves.

He has since sent the CCTV footage to a professional agency to be enhanced and he hopes that this will help to identify the gunman.

Asked why someone would target him, Bruce said, “I don’t know. The only adversary I have is the person I took to court.”

That person, Bruce added, had threatened him in the past and was even seen in the area scouting his house.

“I believe it would have had to be someone paid to do it… It seems like a $100,000 hit man. Who is behind it, I would like to know and ask that person a few questions.”

Bruce recently started a political movement and is in the process of organising to contest the June 12, 2023, Local Government Elections. The bullet-riddled bus is being used for his political work.