8 Benefits of Ackee You May Not Know

Ackee is a contradictory food. When the unripe fruit is ingested, its toxic and can be fatal. Conversely, the fully ripened fruit can be consumed after being cooked. The national fruit of Jamaica is typically treated more like a vegetable in recipes. The National Institutes of Health in the U.S. confirms that ackee has a wealth of health-related benefits.

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1. Antiaging
Ackee is rich in vitamins A and C that are powerful antioxidants. They help the body mitigate the effects of free radicals that damage DNA and result in the signs of aging. The vitamins support wound healing and immune system function.

2. Calcium
Required for strong bones, calcium also has an impact on blood clotting, the release of hormones, and properly functioning neurotransmitters.

3. Cells, Muscles, Nerves
The fruit contains potassium, a trace mineral the body uses to maintain the appropriate fluid level in cells. It’s needed for muscles and nerves to function properly.

Ackee Fruit
4. DNA Creation
Zinc is a trace mineral available in ackee. It’s an essential element for the creation of DNA and healing tissue damage. It supports the immune system and cell growth.

5. Energy Conversion
The body uses vitamin B3 available in ackee to convert food into energy. The vitamin promotes healthy skin and nervous system.

6.  Gut Function
A healthy gut provides an effective immune system response. Ackee is high in fiber that promotes regular elimination, aids in reducing constipation, and has the potential to prevent the development of hemorrhoids and inflammation of the colon.

7. Heart Health
The fruit contains oleic acid that has a positive effect on reducing “bad” cholesterol in the body that can result in high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

8. Protein
Protein is processed by the body to make new cells and repair existing cells. It’s critical for muscle growth and development, along with bone density.

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