Kero stove explodes: GWI worker counting losses after fire guts home

Orin Greenman

Greenman said one of his friends, Willo Wilson, who has been staying with him for some time was present when the fire erupted.

“…When I get to work I hear fire duh pun the house. By time I fly and come up hay everything was done. Is the neighbour see the fire…I see the whole place on fire. Everything bun up, fridge, TV, microwave, generator everything burn up,” Greenman told the News Room in an interview on Friday.

Before going to work, Greenman said used his kerosene stove but he said he ensured he put it out before leaving.

However, Greenman said he could not say whether Wilson, who has a vision impairment, used the stove afterwards and left it unattended.

He further told the News Room that the electricity connection to his house has been unstable to a point where he had actually disconnected it and was using a generator.

“Normally the wire does give a feedback….I shut it off and when the breeze blow it come on back,” he noted.

Greenman lived in the house all his life. He said all of his valuables were destroyed in the fire including $600,000 which he was saving.

He told the News Room that he had plans to repair his house and had already purchased building materials including blocks.

Until he decides his next move, Greenman said he will be seeking shelter at his relatives.

“I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to say. I got to get somewhere to live,” he said.