Father of three dies in Success accident

Marshall died after he allegedly collided with a truck

Marshall sustained serious head injuries and died at the scene.

Residents told the News Room that they heard a loud impact and upon checking, they noticed Marshall’s body lying on the road in a pool of blood.

Meanwhile, in an interview with the News Room, the dead man’s mother, Hermina Marshall said she last saw him on Wednesday morning.

“I see meh son this morning and I tell he tomorrow is meh birthday and this is wah the man (driver) do. Lick meh son down,” the inconsolable woman said.

“I hear he [Marshall] just lay down pun the road like if he ain’t got anybody and he got people to represent he,” Hermina noted.

She is demanding justice.

“I just want justice fah meh son…he dead and left three children,” she cried.

The News Room understands that the truck driver is presently in Police custody assisting with the investigation.