Linden double murder: Cops find suspect dead at hideout

two suspects were found. The dead man is believed to be one of the suspects who was involved in the case.

The News Room was reliably informed that on Sunday ranks went to a house at Block 22 Wismar, Linden at about 01:45 hrs on Sunday where the two suspects were found. Another mam, whose identity is unknown, was also found lying naked on the bathroom floor with multiple chops about his body.

On Saturday, Regional Police Commander of Division #10, Kurleigh Simon, said two persons are in Police custody in connection with the home invasion that claimed the lives of Johnson Bowen, 87, and Manuel Dos Santos, 58, both of Block 22, Wismar, Linden. The men were shot dead after they tried to fend off masked gunmen who invaded their home during the wee hours of Saturday.

Upon arriving at the hideout where the men retreated to, the Police observed that the windows of the building were all secured by locks. The building has two main entry and exit doors. The Police found the lower part of the door at the western side of the building was wrenched off.

After entering the building, a cutlass was found near one of the doors, while a blue and grey haversack and several pieces of clothes were also found. It was also there that they found the body – slim, fair in complexion and about 5’5’’ in height. The body was examined by the crime scene rank and he observed a chop to the right side of the man’s shoulder, one to his forehead, one to the upper right side of his back, one to the center of his back, and one to the lower right side of his back.

The scene was photographed and processed. The area was canvased for CCTV cameras, but none was seen. The body was later transported to the Linden Hospital Complex, where the man was pronounced dead by Doctor Roberts. The body was escorted to the De Jetsco funeral home awaiting the post mortem examination.

Crime Chief, Wendell Blanhum, confirmed that the fatal shooting occurred sometime between 04:00 hrs and 04:15 hrs. Police were on the hunt for three masked men, two of whom were armed with guns. Reports are the dead men lived together with Dos Santos’ wife and three children.

The News Room understands that the two men and Valdeir Dos Santos, Manoel’s son, tried to fend off the robbers. Another relative, 20-year-old nephew Denzil Roberts, who resides next door, also came over to the house in an effort to help the family.

Eventually, the four men armed themselves with cutlasses and chopped the armed suspects. At this point, the suspects tried to escape but Manuel then rushed through the back door chopping one of the suspects, who discharged several rounds in his direction causing him to collapse.

After the men escaped, Bowmen’s body was found lying in a crouching position in the living room.