Calls to Police Station unanswered as thieves steal millions worth of devices from store

A screenshot of the two thieves inside the store

Upon arrival, he said the store was ransacked but he noted that only the items placed in glass cases were stolen.

Video footage seen by the News Room shows the two perpetrators – one wearing a hat and another with a cloth wrapped around his head – shuffling around the store taking items from the glass cases and throwing them into a bag.

At one point, one of the thieves went into a room at the back of the store but then exited empty handed. During this time, his accomplice was filling the bag with phones and electronic tablets.

By 03:23 hrs, the perpetrators removed the cameras. Singh shared a video on his Facebook page, expressing frustration with the Police for not having any patrols and not answering the phones when calls were made throughout the course of the robbery.

Singh said that the Police were not able to catch the men in the act because they never answered the phone calls made immediately after the alarms went off. He explained that he was later told that the phone at the Leonora Police Station was down.

“Since we left the house, we call the Police and the phone off. When we go to the store, we check [and] we gone back to the station.

“When we reach, we tell them ‘whole morning we ah call’. He [a policeman] said, ‘What you want we do if the station phone isn’t working?’  I tell he that is no answer to give nobody because whole morning we call,” the young businessman said.

Singh said this is the first time that he has experienced a break-in at the store.