Mahdia tragedy: ‘Loving, caring 5-Y-O Adoni laid to rest

perished in a horrific fire at the female dorms of the Mahdia Secondary School on May 21. His relatives bundled together at the church that his mother frequented when she visited the city.

Fond memories of the boy and the kindness he rendered to others were highlighted during the homegoing ceremony. He was remembered as a ‘loving, caring and generous’ child, according to Clyde Monroe, a teacher who taught at the school.

Adonijah Jerome

He said the other students, auxiliary staff, and teachers remember the boy for these qualities. The boy perished in the fire while his mother, who was the dorm mother, tried to save the children who were in the engulfed building.

Addressing the parents of the boy, Monroe said, “Sir and Miss, there isn’t enough words we at our school could say to comfort you but just know, that we are here as a family, as a unit to make sure that healing is done the fullest capacity.”

He added that the boy’s father adored him and that he was well-liked by almost everyone.

Meanwhile, Minister of Public Affairs, Kwame McCoy praised the parents for their selflessness in attempting to save the other children in the inferno.

“I think you’re one of the brave souls, like many others, brave men and women, on that tragic night, helping to save lives, helping others,” Minister McCoy said.

The fire rippled through the school’s dorm at about 23:00 hrs. The children staying in the dorms hailed from far-flung communities in the north Pakaraimas of Region Eight.

Three girls – Bibi Rita Fiona Jeffrey, Belnissa Evans and Loreen Evans – were laid to rest on Tuesday in their hometown Karisparu. Four others -Eulanda Carter, Omefia Edwin and twins, Mary and Martha Dandrade- were laid to rest in their hometown Chenapau. Another 10 girls will be laid to rest in Micobie on Thursday.

Sherana Daniels, who also hailed from Micobie, succumbed to her injuries on Tuesday. It is not yet clear when she will be laid to rest.

The deadly fire was set by another female student who was upset that her cell phone was confiscated. The teenager has since been charged with 19 counts of murder and is remanded to the juvenile holding centre.