Jamaican Sprint King Usain Bolt Ready To Revive Track & Field

Jamaican sprint legend Usain Bolt who won eight Olympic titles and 11 gold medals at , believes there has been a decline in track and field since he retired in 2017, and he is ready to help revive the sport.

He was speaking recently with journalists from UK-based news agency, Reuters.

Bolt, 36, said he has communicated with World Athletics to inform them that he wants to make a greater impact in sports, and he is waiting on a position with the agency. He added that he and World Athletics have discussed the matter but he will have to wait and see what becomes available. Bolt understands that he was instrumental in the success of track and field during his competitive career and that his personality was a major reason for popularizing the sport around the world.

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Sees A Decline In Athletic Performance

Noting that after he retired, track and field “kind of went down” after his absence, reasoning that it was because of who he was “as a person” and how “big” his personality was. He does believe some young athletes – he singled out United States sprinter Noah Lyles, for example – have the kind of charismatic personality that will catch the public’s attention. Bolt is confident that in time, track and field will again be in the ascendant, and he hopes he can be part of that and help the sport to grow.

Low Supporter Turnout At 2022 World Championship

Bolt added that track and field authorities were disappointed at the turnout at the 2022 World Championships in Eugene, Oregon, but believes that in 2024, the Olympic Games slated for Paris, France, can be a special moment for the sport. He noted that sometimes the location of tournaments makes all the difference in crowd turnout. “America is not the biggest track and field place,” Bolt said, adding that Paris will bring the crowds because it is accessible, and the French have always had a good team and good athletes. He is looking forward to the 2024 Games.

Bolt Sees Potential Of Young Sprinters

Ten years after Usain Bolt dominated track and field, breaking in the 100 meters, 200 meters, and 4×100 meters, Jamaica’s male athletes have not won any gold medals in track at the past two World Championships. However, Bolt points to the young sprinters Oblique Seville and Ackeem Blake as both showing significant promise and a good start toward changing that medal situation at the 2023 championships in Hungary. Seville ranks fourth in the 100 meters, impressing Bolt, who was also impressed with Blake. He hopes the two rising stars will motivate other young athletes to dedicate themselves to the sport.

Photo – Official Facebook Page for Usain Bolt

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