Youth freed by jury of 2020 murder

murdering 23-year-old Kyle Chase during a scuffle on December 31, 2019, at Mazaruni Street, Guyhoc Park, Georgetown.

He was charged and remanded to prison on January 6, 2020. The State’s case is that Thomas and Chase shared a relationship with an individual who invited them to her home on the night in question.

While at the house, an argument ensued which lead to a scuffle. Both Thomas and Chase were accompanied by one of their cousins who were also involved in the scuffle.

During the process, Thomas was allegedly struck in the head which rendered him unconscious. He subsequently regained consciousness at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

It was then that he was informed that Chase was stabbed and that he subsequently succumbed to his injuries. Thomas has maintained his innocence since the incident.

In a statement on Thursday, Dexter Todd and Associates Law Firm said the trial commenced on May 30, 2023.

According to the statement, the trial lasted for four days during which Thomas claimed that he was attacked by Chase and one of his cousins at his then girlfriend’s home.

As a result, he said he lost consciousness twice and was unaware of who stabbed Chase and how he got stabbed.

“He (Thomas) highlighted to the court that he did not commit the offense and had no intention of causing any harm to the deceased,” the statement noted.

The statement further added that there was no witness in the matter who could have contradicted Thomas’ account.

“The witnesses also failed to establish that Thomas had any intention to cause injury to the deceased or that he actually inflicted the wound,” according to Dexter Todd and Associates

As such, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty in the matter, setting Thomas free.