Greatest Setback for Jamaica’s Leading Men’s Lacrosse Team is Funding

Rising to the position of first-rate competitors in professional sports isn’t easy, nor does it come without a price tag. One of the largest disadvantages for the Jamaican Men’s Lacrosse team is tepid funding support.

Resorting to Crowdfunding

Lacrosse was introduced to Jamaica in 2014. While it’s been widely supported by fans and the team has demonstrated its acumen on the field, the team has yet to draw the type of corporate and government funding at home that’s required. To raise funds, the team has had to rely heavily on crowdsourcing platforms.

Greatest Setback for Jamaica's Leading Men’s Lacrosse Team is Funding

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Jamaica Proves Itself on the Field

Lacrosse Association (JLA) president, Calbert Hutchinson, is hoping the team’s recent performance at the Men’s Lacrosse Championships held in San Diego, CA, will change that. During the championships, the team was victorious over opponents Germany, Switzerland and Poland. They earned the right to be in the playoffs by besting New Zealand 10-6, one of five unbeaten teams.

The team has grown significantly in experience and expertise over the years. The senior men’s team is ranked 13th in the world, with the women’s team ranked at 28th. The Under 19 men’s team has a ranking of 9th, with the women’s team ranked at 30th.

The High Cost of Competition

Funding plays a critical role in the team overall and the lives of athletes competing at the professional level. It finances such things as equipment, travel to competitions, food, and lodging. The team’s meals and housing in the dorm at the championships cost approximately $50,000. Appropriate funding enables teams to make responsible and effective decisions, while creating value and visibility for the sport. It demonstrates to teams that they’re valued, which provides moral support for players, further spurring their efforts and performance.

Investing in Jamaican Youth

Support of the Men’s Jamaican Lacrosse team by government and corporate sponsors is important in terms of funding, but it’s also an investment in the youth of Jamaica in the form of scholarships. It demonstrates to others in the international community that the nation has talent, knowledge, and values the sport and its youth.

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