Rita Marley Serenaded at Easy Sailing 77 Concert in Montego Bay

Reggae enthusiasts from around the world flocked to the Main Street Rose Hall Shopping Centre for an unforgettable evening commemorating the legendary Dr. Rita Marley. This concert marked the beginning of a month-long series of musical tributes to the renowned Reggae singer, humanitarian, and Jamaican mother of six who is celebrating her 77th birthday on 25 July.

The electrifying performances at the Easy Sailing 77 concert certainly set the stage for an exciting summer filled with extraordinary music festivals in Jamaica.

Tributes to the Reggae Icon

Though Dr. Marley couldn’t be physically present at the venue, she enjoyed the performances via a personal live stream. The lineup of artists paid heartfelt tributes to the mother of Reggae music, including her eldest daughter, Sharon Marley. Sharon delivered a soul-stirring rendition of Rita’s beloved 1981 track, “Easy Sailing,” evoking waves of nostalgia among the audience.

Reggae Singer Hezron

Singer Sharon Marley



Soulful Melodies and Unforgettable Performances

The concert continued to captivate the crowd with a series of performances by top Jamaican and Reggae acts. Reggae singer Hezron delivered a soulful set that resonated deeply with the audience. The energy soared when spirited singer Alaine graced the stage, enticing everyone to their feet with her incredible rendition of Rita Marley’s 1988 hit, “Who Colt the Game,” as well as songs from her own catalogue such as “Dreaming of You” and “No Ordinary Love.”

Jamaican Singer Alaine

Dancehall Duo Tanto Metro and Devonte



An Electrifying Climax

Just when the excitement reached its peak, Dancehall duo Tanto Metro and Devonte exploded onto the stage, igniting a dancing frenzy among the crowd. Their exhilarating performance featured their greatest hits, including “Everyone Falls in Love” and “Give it To Her.” The earth-shattering climax left everyone craving more, unwilling to call it a night.

An Unforgettable Night of Music

Thankfully, the evening didn’t end there. Emcee Kamila McDonald extended an invitation for the audience to stay and party all night long while the DJ spun the crowd’s favorite Reggae and Dancehall songs. The atmosphere was electric, ensuring that the celebration of Dr. Rita Marley’s legacy continued with boundless energy.

Catch the Encore Performance

If you missed this epic showcase of Jamaican music talent, don’t worry!

Thanks to the partnership between the organizers and North American satellite broadcasting corporation SiriusXM, subscribers to the service will have exclusive viewing of the concert on 14 July. Tune in to Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong Radio channel 19 and the SiriusXM app at 5pm Eastern for this special event, with an encore airing at 8pm Eastern.  If you were at the concert, relive the magic of the unforgettable musical tributes to the Mother of Reggae Music once again.

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