Aliana McMaster Makes History as First Jamaican Female to Win Shooting Medal in Europe

In a strong display of talent, 16-year-old Aliana McMaster secured third place in the main event of the Lady Sub Junior Sporting Class at the 2023 World English Sporting Clays Championship in England,

She is the daughter of Jamaican national shotgun champion Wendy McMaster and the sister of Abigail McMaster, both of whom were members of the team representing Jamaica at the 2023 World English Sporting Clays Championship tournament at the E.J. Churchill Shooting Ground in England.

The competition ran from 5 – 8 July 2023. In addition, Aliana also won bronze medals in the Five-Stand and Sport Trap events. With her silver medal, McMaster became the first Jamaican and the first female to win a medal in any category on the European circuit. She was also the only shooter on the 2023 team to take home a medal. She then began to prepare for the National Shotgun Championship at the True-Juice property in St. Catherine, Jamaica, scheduled for 15 – 16 July 2023.

Previous Appearance at the World English Sporting Clays Championship

Jamaica’s best results in the prestigious European shooting competition were recorded in 2022 when the women’s team, which comprised the McMaster women, finished in third place, and Jamaica’s men’s team, which included McMaster patriarch, Ray McMaster took fourth place. The McMaster women had hoped to at least equal their performance of 2022 at the recent competition but were thwarted in their effort, finishing sixth out of eight teams.

Gaining Experience at the International Level

Craig Simpson, the team captain, noted the men’s team combines both experienced and new members, with Simpson being the most experienced. Other members include vice-captain Ryan Chen, Ray McMaster, Robert Yap-Foo, Gordon Bucknor, and Lennin Thompson. Simpson noted the team’s enthusiasm for the competition, adding that the Jamaicans traveled to England to gain experience at the international level and bring the national team to a higher level of competitiveness. Jamaica’s participation itself is a major win for the country, he said.

A Family of Female Competitors

Aliana McMaster was one of eight members of Jamaica’s team to compete against shooters from

Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, Italy and Sweden. The teen sensation said she had started the championship tournament without any expectations. She just kept an open mind that decided to do her best and have fun. Making history as the first Jamaican to win a medal on the European circuit showed her that she can do great things, however. Aliana had little time to celebrate her achievement as she prepared for the 2023 National Shotgun Championships in Bog Walk, St. Catherine on the 15th and 16th of July. If she had become the 2023 National Shotgun champion, she would have taken the place of her mother, Wendy, the current title holder, something Aliana does not want to do. As her family makes up most of Jamaica’s female competitors, she said she would rather think about what she can achieve for herself and that Junior National Champion is the title she preferred to win in 2023. As it was, her mother retained her championship title in St. Catherine.

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