Flight disruptions hit interCaribbean Airways, local authority wants answers

Passengers from Guyana and several other Caribbean nations have complained about lengthy flight delays which, in some cases, forced them to cancel flights with interCaribbean Airways.

And Director-General of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) Lieutenant Colonel (Ret’d) Egbert Field on Friday confirmed that complaints have been lodged with his body.

“The Authority is looking at it, we’ve spoken to interCaribbean about the comments and complaints we’ve received and are awaiting a response from them,” Field told the News Room on Friday.

He added that “numerous complaints” were received.

It is expected that interCaribbean will respond by next week, Mr. Field said.

Meanwhile, the airline responded to some of the concerns raised via a release posted to its Facebook page on July 20.

“Over the past week, interCaribbean has experienced a number of interruptions that have caused frustration and inconvenience for passengers across the network.

“Due to unforeseen temporary staffing issues, it will likely take a few additional days for schedules to return to normal,” the release stated.

It also acknowledged that punctuality is a “key component” in air travel and as such, interCaribbean Airways promised to mitigate future disruptions.

The company’s Founder and Chairman Lyndon Gardiner also offered comments on the issue in the release.

He said, “While flight disruptions are not unusual with any airline, we take responsibility for the situation and are working to improve customer service and communications.

“… During these difficult times, we kindly request that our passengers show understanding and patience towards our front-line ambassadors who are working tirelessly to assist you. Our team is doing everything possible to meet your needs and ensure your safety and comfort during your journeys.”