Young couple seeking help to rebuild collapsed house

Reshma Persaud, her husband and their two children lived in the house. (Photo: News Room/August 20,2023)

“The house just fall flat on the ground and everything just damage… I had fridge, the washing machine, everything just damage. All the TV and so,” she told the News Room.

According to Persaud, she and her husband cannot afford to rebuild at the moment.

As such, they are pleading with the public to assistance them in any way possible.

“We in a lil debt so we can’t manage to build back right away…My husband is on the road right now looking for any kind of help,” Persaud said.

All of their household appliances were destroyed. (Photo: News Room/August 20,2023)

The family is staying with relatives until they can rebuild.

Anyone willing to assist them can contact Persaud on telephone number 682-8480.