Cops rescue women at Big Hope Backdam

Police in Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) on Saturday rescued four women, including two Venezuelan women, who were being held against their will at Big Hope Backdam and forced to have sexual intercourse.

The rescue operation was led by Assistant Superintendent Chaitram and a party of police ranks from Bartica.

The women are: a 22-year-old from Industry, ECD; a 36-year-old from Golden Grove; and two Venezuelan nationals, ages 24 and 30.

“They appeared to be in good health, and no marks of violence were seen on the exposed parts of their bodies,” Police Headquarters reported in a press release.

They all were interviewed separately. According to the Police, the 22-year-old related that she sent several voice note recordings as it relates to her being held against her will and that she was brought to Big Hope Backdam by one ‘Bobo’, under the impression that she would be working as a Bartender.

However, she soon realised that her employers wanted to exploit her, according to the Police release.

“She left the shop but was forcefully taken back to the shop on instructions from Bobo’s wife. Whilst there, a male relative of Bobo (his brother-in-law) demanded that she have sexual intercourse with men to clear her rent. He further instructed that she must not leave the compound until her rent bill is cleared,” the Police said.

It was further noted that the two Venezuelan women admitted to being sex workers and that they stayed at Bobo’s shop and would pay him rent.

“Checks are being made for suspect Bobo, his wife and his brother-in-law. Arrangements were made to transport the four women to Bartica for further interview/screening,” the Police statement noted.

The investigation is ongoing.