President wants armed forces to have ‘stronger connection’ with civilians

President Dr. Irfaan Ali at at the commissioning parade of the Standard’s Officers’ Course #54 (Photo: Office of the President/ August 30, 2023)

“This will allow for greater public confidence in and support for the force,” President Ali, who is also the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, said at the ceremony held at Drill Square, Base Camp Ayanganna.

The officers who graduated from the course, the President said, are a crucial part of the development of the armed forces.

The Standard Officer’s Course (SOC) was developed to provide training not only for new army officers but also for new officers of the other disciplined services.

It is only an introduction to the officer training and development systems of all military and paramilitary services in Guyana and the Caribbean and must be supplemented by the appropriate specialist and technical training of the relevant services.