West Central Mall set for Sept 30 opening

Inside the Atlantis restaurant (Photo: News Room/ September 5, 2023)

After about two years of construction and fine-tuning, the family-owned venture will be opened on September 30. Ahead of that opening, General Manager Sandra Bipta told the News Room that the mall will be a “one-stop-shop” that caters to the entire family.

“The businesses are very diverse in the mall.

“You like pets? We cater to you. We have every service you think of, whether insurance or travelling.

“We believe that we will be catering to the needs of the people in this region,” Bipta said during an interview on Tuesday.

The first of its kind theatre in Guyana (Photo: News Room/ September 5, 2023)

According to her, the mall is about 90 per cent complete and will be completed by September month end. General cleaning and “touching up here and there” is all that is left to be done, Bipta said.

As with any mall, there are several other attractions and services. A new food court and dozens of stories make the place a one-stop-shop for people on the ‘West Side’.

And one of the Director’s Bhabita Sookraj emphasised that this development fits right into the ongoing development of Region Three.

Part of the play area in the mall (Photo: News Room/ September 5, 2023)

The region, which will soon be the home of Guyana’s first gas-to-energy plant, is experiencing rapid transformation. At Leonora, a new housing scheme is being developed by the region. Just next to the mall is a new, privately-owned hospital.

And Sookraj said the mall will provide the entertainment and services people need, while creating jobs for people of the region.

“… We are creating jobs, parttime and fulltime, indirect and direct employment. We estimate to have approximately 300 to 400 jobs within the mall in collaboration with all 50+ tenants,” she told the News Room.

Sookraj also emphasised that the tenants included established businesses and persons from the region who are now getting into entrepreneurial ventures.

Ahead of the grand opening on September 30, several other businesses and attractions will have their individual openings.