Five Soft Marriage Answers To Diffuse Harsh Words

It is a very common thing to have brush fires here in Florida.  They spread so quickly because of so much empty land filled with bushes.  It’s usually almost impossible to put out these fires quickly.   One bad move can cause millions of dollars of damage to acres of landspace from a brush fire and it is usually unintentionally started.

Michelle and I enjoyed a great day working from home and taking lunch together.  We finished out our working day and headed to church for a leaders meeting.  The meeting ended and Michelle stopped to speak with a friend as I waited.  The waiting seemed endless after a while.  Michelle walked out with her friend and headed in an opposite direction  from where we had parked our vehicle leaving me wondering where she was headed.  I followed and shouted “we are parked on the other side.”  Michelle then asked for me to get the car and meet her over on the other side as she finished her conversation with her friend.  I got a bit impatient and thought Michelle should have communicated better.  Michelle entered the car and started telling me about the conversation with her friend and ‘BOOM,’ I cut her off explaining she should have told me where she was heading.  It turned ugly for a moment as Michelle was turned off from finishing her story.  The cloud was very dark from then on and the night was gloomy.  I apologized and hoped for a change in the weather but not so fast.  I was a bit harsh and she responded harshly.  Fire erupted and there was no extinguisher that could put it out.  Thank God we made it right eventually after moments of unnecessary gloom and sadness.

Marriage relationships will have conflicts.  There is no way to avoid them because you are two different minds and personalities.  The tendency is to try to avoid conflicts and arguments.  It is a great approach but an even greater approach is to avoid an eruption from a small conflict to a house fire that burns it all down with harsh words.  ” A soft answer turns away wrath, but harsh words stir up anger”


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