5 Signs You Attended School in Jamaica from 1990-1999

The decade 1990 – 1999 in Jamaica was a remarkable period characterized by both resilience and a vibrant cultural resurgence. This decade followed the devastating impact of Hurricane Gilbert in 1988, and the island was bouncing back with newfound determination. For anyone who attended school in Jamaica during this time, the memory of the Reggae Boyz making their World Cup debut in France in 1998 was a moment that resonated with national pride, uniting the entire island. And speaking of unmistakable signs that you were a student in Jamaica between 1990 and 1999, here are some nostalgic cues of that time period.

You Know How to “Roll Your Socks Down Right”

The 90s saw a trend where school kids would roll down their socks in a specific manner – not too low, not too high. It was the unspoken dress code, a subtle rebellion while still looking neat for school inspectors.

You Are Probably the Biggest JCDC Fan

JCDC Festival of the Performing Arts was a significant cultural event showcasing the talents of school children on the island. Originating as the Jamaica Independence Festival in the 1960s, it was rebranded as JCDC in 1987. By the 1990s, it had gained immense popularity, and your standing in school might have been influenced by how you fared in this competition.  

You Knew What the Real Cost for a Patty Should Be

Back in the 90s, a savory patty was only Jamaican $40 and a small chubby drink was priced at a mere $10. Those were the days when these treats were pocket-friendly for school kids.

You Probably Met the Queen of England

In 1994, Queen Elizabeth II made one of her six visits to Jamaica, and she engaged with numerous school children. If you were in school during that time, there’s a chance you might have seen or even met the Queen.

You Know Skyjuice (the drink)

Skyjuice was the stuff of legends. Essentially, it was frozen Quench Aid or Kool-Aid mixed into small poly bags, and served with a straw; a perfect treat on a hot day.

Bonus: If you never rocked a Jansport backpack, you were totally missing out on the next level of cool.

If you went to school in Jamaica back in the 90’s, taking a trip down memory lane is bound to put a big smile on your face! Every decade has its unique vibe, but for 90’s Jamaican students, these memories are like a sweet nostalgia wave washing over them.

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