Jamaica’s Thriving Global Services Sector Fueled by Exceptional Soft Skills, Report Reveals

A recent white paper from Nearshore Americas, a supplier of news and analysis for the nearshoring industry, has examined the reasons for Jamaica’s success in the Global Services Sector (GSS) and discovered that international businesses are able to leverage the natural talent for delivering global service in the Jamaican population. The document, which is titled “Jamaica’s Unique Culture: Deploying the Hard Benefits of Jamaica’s Abundant Soft Skills,” examined the nation’s cultural heritage and explained how this relates to GSS. The report noted that Jamaicans have a long history of resilience and perseverance, a “can do” attitude that is displayed at all levels of their society, including business.

Historically Suited to Global Service Economy

The world knows Jamaica as a friendly nation that honors its cultural traditions. This attitude, coupled with the country’s location in the Caribbean Sea, has made it a top tourist destination. They have also fostered Jamaica’s ability to adapt and embrace change, elements that ensure success in GSS. Jamaica’s national motto, “Out of many, one people,” indicates the culture’s diversity and unity, and its pride in its range of cultural traditions. Combining British, African, and Asian traditions creates the nation’s rich and friendly culture which is valued around the world.

Praise for the School System

The white paper offers special praise for Jamaica’s school system, noting it is a major factor in its success in the GSS industry. Describing the school system as “outward-looking,” the report cites its commitment to encouraging the development of positive factors in the national culture. The Jamaican school system is considered one of the best in the Western Hemisphere, and the country has a secondary school enrollment of almost 100 percent. Jamaica is also one of the few Caribbean nations that makes heavy investments in education. The system works to produce graduates who have critical thinking skills, problem-solving ability, and effective communication. All these skills are required to succeed in the GSS industry.

Jamaica’s Soft Skills

The “soft skills” cited in the white paper – communication, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, and time management – are part of Jamaica’s culture, which encourages the development of these skills, and Jamaicans excel at them. Successful communication relies on active listening in which understanding is the chief goal. It does not require agreement but does mean professionalism in client engagement. Jamaicans with their positive and friendly style are skilled in this regard, and this is shown by the Jamaican service sector’s annual average growth of 20 percent, one of the highest percentages in the world. Skill in problem-solving is critical in client and team engagement, and Jamaican culture has an edge here due to its traditional commitment to positive outcomes. Jamaica’s diverse background in which people from various walks of life and unique histories participate equally in its economy has fostered emotional intelligence in its population and makes the nation able to handle interpersonal relationships with clients and customers in an effective way. Jamaicans also care about time management, which requires an understanding and sensitivity to how their behavior affects others. This is another area where Jamaican culture is well suited to GSS.

Soft Skills Create Positive GSS Environment

The unique history of Jamaica has developed a culture that is perfect for GSS business. Most nearshore research focuses on geographic location, infrastructure, and labor markets, Jamaica stands out in the Caribbean region for its friendly “can do” attitude and the transmission of positive values of its culture to ensure success in GSS.

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