14 Things to Know About Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Caffeine aficionados worldwide are aware of the unique properties of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and while the world celebrates October 1 as International Coffee Day, Jamaica has designated Jan. 9 of each year as Blue Mountain Coffee Day.

14 Things to Know About Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

The luxury beverage has a long history in Jamaica and continues to play a crucial role in the country’s economy. The following are 14 things to know about the crop and Blue Mountain Coffee Day.

  1. Blue Mountain Coffee Day 2023 is the 70th anniversary of the first coffee shipment to Japan. The theme is “Live the Luxury Lifestyle” and will be a month-long celebration.
  2. The day commemorates when 60 percent of the year’s coffee bean harvest shipped from Kingston’s port to Japan on Jan. 9, 1967.
  3. The Japanese government approved a motion by the Association of Japanese importers to declare Jan. 9, 2018 as Japan’s first Blue Mountain Coffee Day.
  4. Blue Mountain Coffee Day is celebrated in Jamaica and Japan, as well as New York, London and other large cities globally.
  5. Annual sales are approximately $100 million (U.S.) and the nation produces up to 5 million pounds of coffee beans each year.
  6. The annual festival in honor of the coffee features performers, coffee tasting, food demonstrations, and barista competitions. The event is attended by international visitors and includes seminars and workshops.
  7. Coffee was introduced to Jamaica in 1726. It’s an Arabica variety originating in Southwestern Ethiopia.
  8. Blue Mountain Coffee is famous for its mild, smooth flavor and lack of bitterness.
  9. The coffee is one of the most highly sought and expensive in the world.
  10. Only coffee that’s certified by the Jamaica Commodities Regulatory Authority can carry the nation’s globally protected certification.
  11. Genuine Blue Mountain Coffee is only grown at elevations of 3,000 to 5,000 ft. and is harvested by hand. The terrain can make harvesting dangerous.
  12. It’s the base for Tia Maria coffee liqueur.
  13. The coffee is grown in the island’s Blue Mountain range that combines ideal rainfall, climate and volcanic soil for its extraordinary flavor.
  14. The coffee’s flavor has been described as a floral taste, with underlying hints of chocolate, nuts, and herbs

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