Guyana sending food & medicine to Haiti as security mission to fight gangs authorised

United Nations (UN) Security Council on Monday and Guyana has called for increased humanitarian support to be provided to the country in crisis.

Guyana’s Permanent Representative to the UN Carolyn Rodrigues- Birkett told a Security Council meeting held on Monday that Guyana welcomes the deployment of the security mission.

This mission is expected to help restore peace and stability in the country grappling with simultaneous crises. Gang violence has surged in Haiti and many believe that is linked to the instability arising out of the July 2021 assassination of President Jovenel Moise.

And Rodrigues- Birkett noted that Guyana is already committed to providing whatever support it can.

“For its part, Guyana is in the process of organising humanitarian aid in the form of food and medicine even as we contemplate other forms of assistance and support now that this resolution has been passed,” she noted.

Guyana’s President Dr. Irfaan Ali last month called for greater global support for the crisis in Haiti. He promised that Guyana will lobby for greater support for the country when it takes its two-year seat on the UN Security Council, starting January 1.

Before that, President Ali met with key partners such as Kenya to support the multinational force that was being negotiated at the level of the Security Council.

The authorisation of such a force was delayed due to a struggle to find a country willing to lead a security assistance mission; Kenya eventually stepped forward in July with a pledge of 1,000 police. Other countries followed.

The multinational security force is expected to work in close cooperation and coordination with the Government of Haiti for an initial period of twelve months, so as to address the urgent security situation in the country.

This will also assist in ensuring that the necessary security conditions are met to hold national elections.

President Ali was also involved in efforts to secure a humanitarian corridor between the Dominican Republic and Haiti after the Spanish-speaking country closed its border with Haiti.