“Air Jamaica is No More” Warns Jamaican Flight Attendant in Viral Video

In a candid and direct address, a flight attendant at JetBlue Airlines has issued a plea for Jamaican air travelers to refrain from requesting traditional Air Jamaica-style meals on flights. In the video, published on her Instagram page, she shares an impassioned plea with passengers who continue to express disappointment upon discovering the absence of Jamaican cooked dishes on board.


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A Clear Message

“Good morning, Jamaicans. Good morning or good evening? Good night. Good afternoon, wherever you guys are. Nobody’s going to say it to you, so I am going to help you guys out, okay?” began the flight attendant, whose goes by the moniker, JaSkyPrincess.

“Stop coming on the aircraft where people wear this blue and this orange color uniform and arguing with them about a complete different company. Air Jamaica is gone. Air Jamaica is no more…” the attendant emphasized, attempting to quell any hopes of a revival of the beloved airline.

She further encouraged Jamaican passengers to acquaint themselves with the current menu offered by JetBlue Airlines. Holding up a menu card, the attendant explained, “This is what the snacks look like….You like to call it dry food. There is no cook food on this plane.” To clarify, JASkyPrincess shared some of the traditional Jamaican delicacies often requested by Jamaican passengers.

“We don’t have any mackerel, we don’t have any liver, we don’t have any dumpling, nothing like that. Stop it.”

Mixed Reactions From Viewers

The video of the flight attendant’s address has since circulated on social media, drawing mixed reactions from viewers. Some expressed understanding and support, while others voiced nostalgia for the beloved Air Jamaica meals.

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Rise and Fall of Air Jamaica

Air Jamaica was established in 1963 after Jamaica’s independence, as a proud national carrier. widely known for its vibrant identity and top-notch service. It was initially a joint venture with the Jamaican government, BOAC, Cunard Line, and BWIA. Later, Air Jamaica partnered with Air Canada for greater independence.  Partial privatization in 1994 improved its profitability, but FAA restrictions posed challenges. Despite debt and setbacks, Air Jamaica focused on profitability through marketing efforts and fleet expansion. The airline’s financial stability was further shaken by the 9/11 event in the United States. In 2011, Caribbean Airlines acquired Air Jamaica, marking a new chapter in its history. The Jamaican government maintains a 16% stake in Caribbean Airlines.

Rising Jamaican Social Media Sensation

JaSkyPrincess is a rising Jamaican social media sensation who has garnered a diverse following. She joins the ranks of Jamaican online personalities, captivating audiences with her lighthearted take on her experiences as a flight attendant. Her engaging videos, frequently posted on Instagram and TikTok, have resonated positively with her growing fanbase.

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