President Ali announces comprehensive effort to resolve 10,000 pending NIS cases

“I wanted to address this issue. This is an issue that we want to fix and we want to make every effort in a specialised, projectised manner to get this fix before the end of the year,” the head of state emphasised during a virtual broadcast.

In addition to addressing the nationwide cases, President Ali announced plans for a separate diaspora outreach programme to address the over 300 claims.

In November, the NIS team will conduct outreach efforts in New York, USA, and Toronto, Canada.

Members of the diaspora are urged to contact the diaspora unit in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, providing detailed information and supporting documentation related to their NIS issues.

“Now they can start looking at issues and advising you as a status of your claims or objections or queries or your investigation,” President Ali explained.

Over the past two years, the administration has successfully closed more than 4,000 historical cases, both nationally and in the diaspora.

President Ali commended the hard work of the NIS staff, who, despite challenges such as missing records due to closed workplaces, have worked tirelessly to bring closure to these cases.

The president assured the nation of the government’s dedication to resolving these cases efficiently, bringing relief to those persons affected by the pending NIS matters.