Pres. Ali urges Guyana-Canada Chamber to embrace use of AI, robotics

President Dr Irfaan Ali and Anand Beharry, Chairman of the Guyana-Canada Chamber of Commerce  (Left) (Photo: President Dr Irfaan Ali/ October 6, 2023)

Dr Ali also reminded that the government hopes to build a nation that will lead climate security, energy security, and food security in the Caribbean Region. He explained that Guyana’s nascent oil industry has propelled the country to a position where it cannot afford to move backward.

He added too that Guyana cannot afford to sit back and let time and resources go to waste.

As such, he urged the Chamber to utilise its international partners to secure innovative business opportunities.

“Every company must be looking for international partners and that is the usefulness of these chambers, it allows that smooth connection at networking between companies here and companies in Canada,” Dr Ali said.

He further noted that part of innovative thinking and possibilities Guyana can adopt through AI and robotics is incorporating it in agriculture, education and tourism. Government has made massive investments in bolstering the country’s eco-tourism.

To create the advancement of AI with the development of several sectors including the aforementioned, an agreement signed between Guyana and the UAE will see 150,000 children trained in coding.