New York Consulate General of Jamaica Sets Stage for More Business Investment in Jamaica

The New York Consulate General of Jamaica was the site for a high-profile business networking event held on September 25, 2023, and attracted a wide range of American business leaders who were interested in making real connections with their Jamaican counterparts. This event was part of a series by the Consulate to host a Jamaican delegation of 39 business leaders representing 29 companies from various business sectors on the island.

Goals of the Delegation

According to Jamaica’s Minister of Industry, Investment, and Commerce Aubyn Hill who led the delegation, the goal of the visit to New York was to meet with a number of private and governmental entities to boost investments in Jamaica. Hill said Jamaica was not interested in obtaining loans but wanted investments that would help to grow the nation’s economy. He wants Jamaica to be in a position where the market looks to the island for “new paper.” In an interview with Bloomberg, Hill noted that Jamaica had experienced some tough fiscal times to “get its house back in order,” but now everything appears to be going well due to the country’s application of “good and serious management.”

Crucial Business Events

The Jamaican delegation also participated in meetings with representatives of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority with the goal of fostering opportunities for partnerships and investments across borders that would align both regions’ interests and enhance their mutual growth. At the “Doing Business with Jamaica Luncheon,” delegates had the occasion to showcase the diverse opportunities available in the thriving business environment in Jamaica to potential partners and investors. These events highlighted the committed nature of both the Jamaican government and the island’s business community to stimulate economic growth.

The Mission Continues

Following their New York engagements, the Jamaican delegation moved on to London to continue its mission of promoting Jamaica as a burgeoning environment for business and investment.

Photo –  Facebook Page of Jamaica’s Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce

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