Woman, 19, who caused ruckus during Police operation slapped with several charges

A 19-year-old woman was on Monday slapped with a series of charges stemming from her alleged behaviour during a Police operation.

Latoya Hughes of Nabacalis, East Coast Demerara, appeared at the Vigilance Magistrate’s Court, East Coast Demerara, before Magistrate Fabayo Azore.

She was charged with disorderly behaviour, indecent language, indecent exposure, assault with intent to resist lawful apprehension, assault with intent to prevent lawful apprehension and obstructing a peace officer.

Hughes pleaded guilty to the first three charges; she was fined $5,000 on each offence or one month imprisonment. She denied the other three offences and was placed on $25,000 bail on each charge.

Hughes was taken into custody last Friday. The News Room understands that the Police were conducting an operation during which two men were arrested for unlawful possession of narcotics.

Hughes reportedly intervened and began to behave disorderly. And despite warnings for her to desist, she continued, resulting in her arrest.