129 benefit from eye care in Region 5

Rahul Hooblall poses after collecting his spectacles from Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr. Vindhya Persaud

One of the most remarkable aspects of this outreach effort was the presence and active engagement of Dr. Vindhya Persaud, the Minister of Human Services and Social Security. Her commitment to improving the lives of Guyanese citizens was evident as she interacted with residents, offering support and reassurance.

Dr. Vindhya Persaud, in her address to the gathered residents, emphasized the government’s unwavering commitment to uplifting the lives of its citizens and creating a society where no one is left behind. She commended the hardworking team at the Difficult Circumstances Unit and all involved partners for their dedication and perseverance in making this programme a resounding success.

Jaganandan Dunrag, one of the beneficiaries of the eye-care programme said, “I think this is a good thing that the government is doing to bring their services here, these spectacles will help me a lot, I see much better, a lot of people can’t afford this and it’s free.”

Rehana Mataddan, a mother of three highlighted that she was unable to deal with the light and small writings but with these spectacles she will be able to tackle her daily tasks in raising her three children.

“I can’t afford money to buy glasses right now for me and my daughter and I am thankful to the government for helping all the citizens and school children who need glasses,” she said.

Raaul hooblall, a student related, “In school the words on the chalk board were so fine and my eyes would get red and run water, it was very tough but now I get the glasses it’s 100 percent better.”

“This is my first-time wearing glasses and it is a good benefit to me because with my age and so it’s hard,” Pratima Hooblall noted.

Jamal Johashan expressed, “I am feeling very grateful and thankful to the government to help me get a glasses so I can read and understand what I’m doing.”

Moreover, the Ministry’s services were brought directly to the residents of Bush Lot and No. 5 Villages in Region Five. Representatives from various units, including the Childcare and Protection Agency, Gender Affairs Bureau, Family Enhancement Unit, Women’s Innovation and Investment Network, Probation and Sexual Offences Unit, and Domestic Violence Policy Unit, were on hand to provide information and assistance to community members, reinforcing the Ministry’s dedication to holistic community development.

The Ministry of Human Services and Social Security remains steadfast in its mission to create a more inclusive and caring society for all Guyanese citizens. (Ministry of Human Services and Social Security press release)