‘Unusual event’ as 30,000 tonnes stockpile cause significant damage to Providence ‘Red Road’

The weight of an estimated 30,000 tonnes of stockpiled material severely damaged the entrance of Red Road, Providence, East Bank Demerara on Thursday afternoon.

This road which serves as the main entrance for thousands of residents living at Plantation Providence and Peters Hall is now closed until further notice due to the substantial damage caused to roughly 150 meters of it.

“It is an unusual and unfortunate event,” Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill said as he assured the public that works will commence almost immediately to restore the road.

He said that two emergency contractors had already been mobilized.

“We will have to restrain traffic from the East Bank all the way to Massy,” Minister Edghill said.

Additionally, the immediate redistribution of the stockpile material has started.

“Machines are there moving the stockpile to a different area.”

“The stockpile over there is maintained and owned by the Ministry of Public Works,” Edghill said.

The damage to the road has also caused disruption to water service in the area and affected the integrity of utility poles.