Saint Elizabeth Welcomes New Food & Music Festival in November 2023

A new festival that will honor the best of the parish of Saint Elizabeth in Jamaica will be held at Jakes Hotel from November 10 to 12, 2023. The inaugural Treasure Beach Food, Rum, and Reggae Festival will feature the best of the parish’s food, drinks, and music. Authentic Jamaican mixologists will be featured, along with locally grown and prepared dishes representative of the South Coast farming region, and there will be live reggae performances as well. A special part of the program will feature Chef Eric Janson of the Black Fish restaurant in Cape Cod as a guest chef!

Food, Rum, and Reggae

Patrons will have the chance to sample and enjoy the artistry and unique flavors of the culinary delights of St Elizabeth, a thriving farming area located on Jamaica’s South Coast. Also on tap are cocktail demonstrations and tasting, all expertly curated by masters of mixology. In addition, patrons will be invited to tour some of the island’s locally famous country rum bars and the operations of world-renowned rum producers. No Jamaican festival would be complete without the welcome sounds and cultural richness of Jamaica’s authentic reggae music, and the festival in St Elizabeth will offer some of the best.


Jakes Hotel, Treasure Beach

Live Concert to Kickstart Festival

On the first night of the festival, Friday, November 10, 2023, the celebration will begin with a live concert featuring Richie Spice at Lovers Leap. The venue will open at 6 pm, and the concert starts at 9 pm. Guests will be able to partake in food and drink specials until the event ends at 2 am.

Celebrating “Jamaica’s Breadbasket”

On November 11, Saturday, festival visitors will have the opportunity to tour local farms and top rum producers. Excursions by boat to the Pelican Bar will be provided, as will excellent culinary adventures at Little Ochie and other participating venues. Demonstrations of cooking skills will be on view as local and visiting chefs showcase their expertise. And, of course, there will be music everywhere! A beach party at Jack Sprat will feature the latest run and food delights backgrounded by the sound of the sea and a top-quality sound system. On Saturday night from 8 pm to 2 am, there will be a live concert featuring Jesse Royal at Jack Sprat with tasty cuisine and flowing rum available to order.

Sports on Sunday

On Sunday, November 12, the festival will feature the Goat Curry Cricket Match and Luciano Concert at Breds Sports Park. The event will include visiting pepper shrimp vendors from Middle Quarters, a domino tournament, crafts for adults and kids, and cold drinks. DJ Ratty + Bones will be featured along with other entertainment.

Join the Saint Elizabeth Celebration

Everyone is invited to join in the three-day celebration of the South Coast parish’s unique culture, excellent cuisine, exceptional cocktails, and jamming reggae music at the inaugural Food, Rum + Reggae Festival at Calabash Bay, Treasure Beach, St Elizabeth, Jamaica, from November 10 through 12, 2023.

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