Temporary bridge to aid construction of new Demerara River Crossing

second crossing over the Demerara River is well underway with the landscape on both sides of the river changing rapidly.

Minister within the Ministry of Public Works Deodat Indar highlighted that a temporary structure is being built to help the contractor, the China Railway Construction Corporation Limited, transport the materials onto the river to construct the new crossing.

“They gotta do a temporary bridge to construct the actual bridge, to move the machinery and so,” he told the News Room during an interview this week.

He added that the components for that temporary bridge are in Guyana, so he doesn’t anticipate any slowdown of works.

Minister within the Ministry of Public Works Deodat Indar (Photo: News Room/October 29, 2021)

The US$260 million Bridge is expected to replace the decades-old Demerara Harbour Bridge. This crossing is a crucial link, bridging Regions Three and Four. It is used every day by thousands of commuters.

Though construction works are progressing, the Public Works Minister noted that not all negotiations for the acquisition of properties on the eastern side of the river have been completed. The government needs those private properties so that the bridge can be completed.

The bridge should be completed before 2025.

Indar acknowledged that labour shortages are a concern for many contractors but explained that for huge projects like this new crossing, the government is greenlighting permits for the importation of foreign workers if needed.

Because of that support and the contractor’s ability to mobilise the materials needed, the minister doesn’t believe there will be any delays.