Guyana pledges support to redevelop West Indies cricket

A Regional High-Performance Centre and Cricket Academy is set to be developed

President Ali underscored the importance of collaboration between parties interested in advancing cricket’s development at every level.

He said, “I urge CWI to unify their efforts in rebuilding and strengthening our cricket in the interests of all stakeholders.”

Dr. Shallow lauded His Excellency for Guyana’s investments in cricket thus far and recognized the potential of collaborating with Guyana.

He expressed, “President Ali’s commitment to cricket is evident with the major investments to stage the magnificent cricket festival, including the CPL finals in Guyana. His zeal for the success of West Indies cricket is unquestionable.

This partnership with Guyana promises tremendous value for our young and emerging cricketers, who will have access to world-class facilities and programs comparable to the best in the world.

For West Indies teams to be iconic again, there must be considerable collaboration between CWI and governments in our region.”

Guyana has successfully hosted the last two Caribbean Premier League (CPL) finals.

Their cricket festival, culminating with CPL’s final, is emerging to be a regional calendar event, attracting thousands of visitors to Guyana. (CWI)