Your Marriage Is Threatened By This One Thing

I love where I live.  Florida is the fishing capital of the world.  Michelle and I are fishing partners.  The minute Michelle and I moved to Florida we started to go fishing together.  You could call us fishing junkies.  I remember when I did not have a job and I would pickup Michelle from work every afternoon and we would go straight to the ocean and fish until midnight, go home, shower, sleep and start all over again the next day.  This became our therapy whenever we had disagreements that turned into arguments which sometimes would further create an atmosphere of dark clouds in our relationship.  We just love to fish together and we still do up to today.

The great thing about Florida is that we always have a different fishing spot and being the married couple who love adventure, we embrace getting lost searching for different fishing spots.  We also love playing basketball.  I call it “love and basketball” which happens to be one of my favorite old movies.  With these two fun activities we unfortunately have to face disappointments at times though.  We stand the chance of not being able to enjoy our fun activities because of this one huge threat that every Floridian face at times.  Hurricanes are a huge threat to Florida.  Hurricane season means a possibility of limited to no outdoor activities.  When a hurricane threatens our home state it interrupts the flow of our fun activities.  Worse, when it hits everything shuts down for a while.  Just the same every marriage face a huge threat from this one thing and it must be avoided at all costs.


Self and marriage are total opposites.  Selfishness is one of the biggest threat to every marriage.  When man and woman come together and agree to get married self is no longer a part of the plan.  The minute self is prioritzed, one spouse gets the leftovers.  “What am I, chop liver?” Tina asked her husband John.  “Why would you say such a thing?” John asked Tina.  John and Tina tied the knot sixteen years ago and did everything together.  Tina loves quality time with John and John loves when Tina serves him dinner on a tray.  They both poured into each other’s love tank for years until one started taking the other for granted.

John developed a cellphone addiction that left Tina’s love tank empty most of the time.  John spent most of his time on Sports, News, Games and texting just to satisfy himself and out of taking Tina for granted.  John’s mindset changed thinking Tina will always be there.  Tina was married but feeling single in the marriage.  Tina kept serving John thinking it would get his attention but John kept taking Tina for granted.  Tina blew up and a big hurricane entered there marriage relationship.  It was like a category five hurricane of resentment, bitterness, hatred and even threat of divorce.  Thank God they did not allow the threat of divorce to actually end their marriage because they went to Godly counseling and fixed the marriage relationship.

Selfishness is a HUGE threat that many married couples face and sometimes open the door and let it into the relationship.  Relationship means you relate with each other.  Selfishness means you relate to self by means of other things apart from your spouse.  Marriage is meant to serve your spouse and not you.  When both husband and wife aim to serve each other in love the marriage flourishes.  When husband and wife aim to serve self the marriage crumbles!  There is power in LOVE and RESPECT, the only two keys to a great marriage.  There is disaster when SELF overshadows your spouse, the one thing that will totally destroy any great marriage relationship.  Never, ever take your spouse for granted.  You really do not want your spouse to take you for granted.  Love gives.  Lust gets.  Love is for your spouse.  Lust is for your own selfish desires.  Marriage will never work well when self stands over marriage.

“Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ” Ephesians 5:21.

Huddle up and enjoy each other and remember that self comes second as your spouse comes first.  This mystery is revealed when both husband and wife are of this same mindset.  Michelle and I continue to pray for every married couple reading this article and we know EVERY MARRIAGE CAN BE BETTER AS SOMETIMES THE WORSE COMES BEFORE THE BETTER!

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About The Author

Carim Hyatt

Carim Hyatt was born and raised partially in Jamaica, West Indies.  He is one of seven children from the Hyatt family and has grown into a great man of God.  Carim had the luxury of seeing his grandparents model a Christian family life while portraying a marriage in God’s image.  Carim had his mother in his life also and learned a great deal about values and wisdom.

Carim’s passion is marriage and family. He and his wife Michelle, are hosts of MARRIAGE IN A MINUTE, a radio talk show reaching all over the world.   He has authored two books, The importance of Salvation and Staying Married Becoming One Flesh.   His journey has taken him from Insurance adjuster to minister through writing and public speaking.  Carim leads men’s ministries, married couples lifegroups, praise and worship along with many other areas of ministry as God has led him.  Carim and his beautiful wife Michelle have appeared on Television programs , namely TBN, speaking about marriage and family.  He is a great motivator, mentor and loves the Lord with all his heart.  His passion is to see every marriage go the long haul while being molded into God’s image

Join Carim on this great journey as He reaches the unsaved for Christ while continuing to encourage marriages and families.

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