Kingston College Old Boy’s Association Named Best Jamaican Alumni Association for 2022

The Kingston College Old Boys’ Association (KCOBA) is the alumni association of Kingston College, which is located in Kingston, Jamaica. “Old Boys” is a British term that refers to past students of the college. The Association comprises several chapters in Jamaica; the United States cities of Atlanta, Miami, New York; Toronto, Canada; and the United Kingdom and Europe. The KCOBA supports Kingston College through its funding of sports activities, clubs, scholarships, grants, refurbishment, improvements in infrastructure, and teacher appreciation. Each of the KCOBA chapters also participates in local community improvement projects.

Kingston College Old Boys’ Association USA

KCOBA USA Inc. is a nonprofit alumni organization established in 1982 to support and promote Kingston College, its alumni, and their local communities. In partnership with the college, KCOBA USA provides a network where Old Boys and friends can share in “Fortis Pride,” a reference to the Kingston College Latin motto: “Fortis Cadere Cedere Non Potest,” which translates to “The brave may fall, but never yield.” The organization’s mission is to integrate and maintain alumni in sustaining the goals of Kingston College. It works as an advocate and reliable source of material aid for the school to ensure that it continues its tradition of fostering hope, scholarship, and the development of men of fit and proper moral character. Programs sponsored by KCOBA USA include a scholarship program that currently offers 95 scholarships each year, a nutrition program to support at-risk students, infrastructure development, provision of essential school gear, support of sports teams and clubs, and providing students with personal and school resources, including books. The association established the FortisCare Backpack program, the Joyce Baxter Math Club, the Robotics Club to promote STEM education and careers, and the current KC Library and Technology Capital Campaign, which is designed to upgrade the libraries, tech resource centers, and classrooms via the completion of the Douglas Forrest Building.

Europe and UK

The Kingston College (Jamaica) Old Boys’ Association UK and Europe (KCOBAUK-Europe) was established to support the charitable, philanthropic, humanitarian, and financial support activities of former pupils of Kingston College in Jamaica.


The Toronto Chapter of the Kingston College Old Boys Association was established in 1973 when 33 Old Boys gathered in support of their school. It was the second such organization to be formed in Canada, but the first able to sustain its activities over time. Its recruitment efforts expanded throughout Canada and North America and by 1998, there were more than 35 associations actively providing aid to their alma mater in Jamaica. The mission of the Kingston College Old Boys Association in Toronto includes advocating for the college and being a source of material and financial aid, sustaining fraternal ties among Old Boys living in the Greater Toronto Area, providing social, athletic and educational activities to benefit its members and their families, to work with other organizations to promote the well-being of students in Jamaica and the Greater Toronto Area, to provide a platform for Kingston College Old Boys around the world, to promote the name of Kingston College in Canada, to serve as a liaison between the college and Toronto and between the college and Canada where necessary, and to instill relevant political awareness in its members. Since its establishment, the association’s objectives have moved toward making it a committed source of aid to the College with its social aspect intact and to provide a means of collectively generating funds to support it through various activities.

About Kingston College

Kingston College was founded in 1925 by the Anglican Diocese of Jamaica with the purpose of providing a good education for the most materially disadvantaged boys from Kingston and the surrounding parishes of St. Andrew, St. Thomas, and St. Catherine. There were 49 students in attendance. The school’s first headmaster, Right Reverend Percival Gibson, envisioned a school that would graduate men of integrity and the highest character who would serve as examples in public life and other spheres of endeavor. Over time, the school grew to its current student population of 1700 students on two campuses in Kingston, Jamaica. Among its Old Boys can be found Olympic athletes, Rhodes scholars, scientists, politicians, doctors, engineers, artists, musicians, academics, poets, teachers, and businessmen.

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