Venezuelans nabbed with guns, ammo and drugs

Ranks of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) on Friday arrested three Venezuelan nationals after they were allegedly found in possession of three unlicensed firearms with ammunition and a quantity of narcotics at Arakaka, Region One.

The suspects have been identified as Eliyer Vera Venez, Romel Masim and Jiminez Rojas.

Police Headquarters said at about 17:27 hrs, ranks of the Arakaka Police Outpost received information that three “Spanish-speaking men” went to a shop to charge their cellphones and they had what appeared to be firearms in their waist.

After some time, the men were picked up by an individual identified as Reny Melville, known as ‘Pony Tail’, and they went to Melville’s residence at Waterfront, Arakaka, North West District.

The items recovered by the Police. (Photo: GPF/October 21, 2023)

The ranks went to the location and found the suspects there.

“Upon arrival, Melville was contacted and informed of the purpose of the Police’s presence. The ranks requested permission to conduct a search in and around his home, to which he agreed. The ranks entered the house, where they found three men lying on the floor, communicating in Spanish,” the Police explained.

A search was conducted on the premises during which three firearms – a Glock 19 pistol and two Beretta 92 A1 pistols – were found; the cops also discovered a quantity of matching ammunition in a haversack under a bed in the room.

The suspects allegedly had three unlicensed firearms and a quantity of ammunition in their possession. (Photo: GPF/October 21, 2023)

“The men (suspects) were informed of the offences committed, but they remained silent,” Police noted.

According to the Police, further searches were conducted during which 66 grams of cocaine and 64 grams of marijuana were found inside a bulky black plastic bag which was on a wooden table near the bed.

The suspects were taken to the Arakaka Police Outpost. Police said efforts are currently being made to locate Melville, who managed to escape.