Agreement signed to enhance distribution of agri products

Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of H&L Group, Olive Downer Walsh (left) and Managing Director of APSOL, Alvin Parag. (Photo: News Room/ October 22, 2023)

Delivering remarks at a simple ceremony, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of H&L Group, Olive Downer Walsh said the partnership is of “extreme” importance and value to the company.

“It’s not just about getting the products sold. It’s about how we are going to work together as we seek to drive that 25 percent by 2025 vision,” Walsh said.

She added, “While we have been on a journey to realise our vision, the timing is now. A time when the leadership of a country and throughout the region are focusing on ensuring that we as a Caribbean are focusing on building resilience.”

In sharing similar sentiments, Managing Director of APSOL, Alvin Parag said he is excited to have the partnership and anticipate that it will expand overtime not only in Guyana but in other Caribbean countries.

Parag said, “There are bigger things coming to the Guyana market through this partnership. We will not rest until we achieve the product range to be sustainable”.

“No one company, no one individual can handle this level of abundance that we are seeing.”

Under the partnership, both companies said all activities will be done in keeping with CARICOM’s vision to reduce the food import bill by 25 percent by 2025.